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Are you suffering from low back pain, neck and shoulder tension, sports-related tightness or injuries, chronic headaches, stress or anxiety?

Mobile massage in Virginia Beach, Virginia and surrounding areas

Recoup Massage is a collective of passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated massage therapists. The therapists at Recoup Massage have had the pleasure of providing mobile massage therapy for many years. Our goals are:

to provide high quality therapeutic massage
to excel in customer service satisfaction
to make receiving regular massage treatments easy for the whole family
to educate our clients on various aspects of massage and bodywork

Benefits of Massage

Over the past few years with the increase awareness of massage therapy, there has been a sea of information in regards to the benefits of massage. First off massage can be highly subjective. Also there are so many variables that can affect the outcome of a massage. Therefore the benefits will vary from person to person and even session to session.
Conveniently located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Mobile and corporate massage

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Nikkie Lucier
Nikkie Lucier
Massage Therapist
Travis Lucier
Travis Lucier
Massage Therapist
Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage could be considered the foundation of many forms of massage. This is a classic way to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension and improve circulation
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage is aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body. However, the pressure will generally be more intense.
Trigger Point Therapy
The muscle tightness associated with TP's can pull on tendons, ligaments and deeper muscles, creating referred pain to adjacent areas in the body.
Myofascial Release
Myofascial Release is a highly effective and safe technique. This type of therapy is extremely helpful with restrictions.
Chair Massage
Typically the person receiving the massage remains fully clothed, and sits on a portable massage "chair" which allows them to relax comfortably and supports their body while they enjoy the treatment.


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Nikkie from recoup massage. I called and she was able to meet me at my work and give me a much needed massage on my lunch break. She was quick yet very effective and when she was done I felt like I had just had a 90 minute session at the spa. She was very knowledgeable about the muscle groups and was able to not only give me relief from some shoulder pain I was having but was able to explain what muscles were in fact bothering me and give me a couple of stretches I could do on my own to try to relieve the pain.
Justin T.
I have had regular massage therapy for the past seven years. As a dentist it is imperative for me to be able to practice dentistry without muscle pain. Travis has been my massage therapist for over two years. He is an excellent therapist and his deep tissue massage is the best I've ever had. His knowledge of both physiology and anatomy is impressive and without his care I would not be able to treat patients as comfortably as I do.
Dr. L
Absolutely the best therapeutic masseuse ever. I'm in my 70's, have had massages all over the world - Europe, the Far East and, of course, the U.S. Wherever I go I always ask the massage therapist at the front desk who is the massage therapist he or she wants for a massage; and then I ask for that person. When I asked the question here in Northern Virginia, the immediate and overwhelming response was Nikkie. Since then I've had many massages from her. She somehow seems to sense the source of pain and then end it. Furthermore, every massage is different from the last. I have no idea how she does her magic. All I know is she is the best. A massage from her is extraordinary.
Bill L.

In-Home, Office/Corporate, Geriatrics, Hospice Massage
Professional, Medical and Therapeutic Massage available by appointment in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area

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