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Personal Prenatal Massage in your Home

Recoup Massage offers prenatal massage to expecting mothers who are past their first trimester (after 13 weeks). Massage therapy is a great way to prepare your body for labor while providing well needed relaxation to the mother to be.

Recoupe Massage Office in Burke, Virginia or mobile massage for Northern Virgina

Postnatal Massage

After your Postpartum visit to your doctor (usually 6 weeks after delivery), massage can be a great way to recover from the stresses and strains of the pregnancy by:

  • Ease and relax tension in your back, hips, and abdomen.
  • Increase oxygen and blood flow to your muscles to assist in recovery
  • Encourage the regular release of Oxytocin in your body. Oxytocin helps to trigger the letdown reflex to assist in the release of milk, this eases and encourages breastfeeding.
  • Increasing the production of "Feel-Good" hormones to help combat postpartum depression or "Baby Blues"

Women who have high risk pregnancy should consult with a healthcare practitioner prior scheduling an appointment.

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